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Hope + Twine

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 Welcome to Hope + Twine, an independent marketplace, devoted to all things beautifully crafted. With a twist of Eco-awareness, a dash   of rebelliousness, and a serious case of moral consciousness...
          Things we love : the ocean, Pinot anything, solar fairy lights, green smoothies,   slow living, honest work for honest pay, and  quality everything...

 Things we Don't love : human trafficking, chemical dyes, the destruction of farmland in  developing countries in order to grow conventional cotton, child labor, human rights abuse and any kind of slavery.. 
Our products, though unique and constantly changing, maintain the credo that style and sustainability can go hand in hand. Whether certified Fair Trade or Certified Organic, or not, Hope + Twine textiles try. They really try. And they wish other textiles would do the same.
Whether made of Peace Silk, GOTs Cotton, or natural fibers woven from bark and leaves. Whether block printed, or batik, or left in their gorgeous raw and natural form... 
There is a respect for culture, nature, and mankind, in every product we purchase, re-purpose, or make ourselves. 
 So please take a look at some of our finds, read the stories on how we found them,
and join us in our mad love for the baroque and bohemian, the romantic and luxurious
                             and the room to breathe..
enjoy my lovelies!!

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